The Dewdrop is a digest of reflective and thoughtful writing, loosely based on spiritual themes. Our content includes poetry and essays that draw on classic texts as well as the insight and brilliance of contemporary writers. Grounded in Zen Buddhism, this spiritually-focused platform is interested in every faith background as well as writers who don't identify with any formal faith tradition. Humanists, agnostics, scientists, atheists and Jedis are most warmly welcome, as we are always on the lookout for fresh talent.

The Dewdrop is launching an exciting new visual arts section called the Micro-Gallery, which will showcase the visual art work in a small, virtual exhibition staged online through the site.

Click here to see an example of a Micro Gallery: 

We are calling on all visual artists, photographers, sculptors and other creative souls to submit a body of work of up to 15 pieces to be exhibited at The Dewdrop's Micro-Gallery. The show will also feature a description of the origin of the work, its significance, or an artist's statement about their process or curatorial decisions.

Please submit a paragraph of max. 500 words explaining your work in this way.

The Dewdrop